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If your site is a trial or not in its own domain name:

Enter as the domain then enter your sitename, password. Click the login button.

If your site is in its own domain name:
Enter the site's domain name,, as the domain, your sitename, and your password. Click the login button.

What is the sitename?
It is the original name you gave the site when you created your trial or sub-site.

Can I login another way?
Yes, you can go to your site and in place of the page name in the URL, type 'login' ( or if you have a Multi-Ministry Plan), you will go to a login page with the username (use your sitename) and password.

If trial enter domain as ''

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Trouble logging in?
If you are having trouble logging in to your site, send an email to Please include your URL or sitename, as well as a description of your problem. For security reasons all passwords are encrypted and we cannot retrieve them but we can verify them if you send them to us. If you forgot your password click HERE to have a reset link sent to the default email on your site.

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